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Centering African stories for deep social analysis and collective liberation


Our reason for being

Anno Domini was founded to address the pressing need for a deeper understanding of social justice issues within the context of South Africa's rich but complex history. Our work bridges the gap between faith-based communities and human rights organizations, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse voices can come together to advocate for justice and equity.

How we work

There are many ways to get involved



 Empower authentic African stories, fostering cultural understanding and driving positive change in communities.

Book a speaker

Book a speaker today to inspire and educate your audience on the crucial path to social change and impactful action.

Attend a screening

Our films uncover powerful insights on why our society is the way it is and how to drive transformative change in your society.

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Sesihle launched Anno Domini with a burning passion to challenge the way theology has often been used as a tool for oppression in Africa, and instead offer a life-giving, culturally attuned approach that embraces the diverse stories and identities on the continent. She firmly believes in the transformative and subversive power of the gospel, and loves centering African voices in her content. 

Sesihle Manzini

Founder and editor

Frequent Collaborators

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