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Telling stories that highlight the intersection of faith & justice


Unearthing the narratives shaping our world

Empowering change through faith and media

Integrating faith and social justice, we harness the power of media and religious values to champion human rights. With 84% of the world affiliating with a religion, our innovative approach is both vital and impactful.


Unearthing Cape Town's spatial inequality

Explore the untold stories of land dispossession and its enduring impact on Cape Town's communities in our powerful new documentary.

Through our compelling films and curated events, we unite diverse audiences and cultivate civic engagement, sparking public dialogue on pressing social issues.

Explore our digital issues

Discover the dynamic dialogue between spirituality and social change.

Issue 01

Issue 02

Issue 03

The Now and Not Yet

Pioneer Encore!

he came.

Sacred texts and socio-political visions of a future reign.

Deconstruct the pioneer and
champion the collective.

God incarnate. Guide us to grasp our own immersions.

Who we've worked with

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Ndifuna Ukwazi and other social movements demostration _Copyright_ANNO_DOMINI 2.jpg

In the City with Anno Domini

ANNO DOMINI hosts transformative pilgrimages, guiding participants to connect deeply with the stories of place, past and present, in pursuit of building a truly liberative future.

Inside Issue 2: The Pioneer Issue

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How can we pioneer anew, championing the voice of the collective and extending our tables to be inclusive and collective?


Young, gifted and black. These new pioneers are among the vanguard of black female creatives owning their space and breaking new ground.


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Your funding helps sustain our projects, expand our reach, and amplify our impact, making a tangible difference in the fight for justice and equality.

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We are constantly developing new content that encourages cultural literacy and a life of praxis for people of faith. Join us as we offer unique storytelling that promotes peace and justice on earth, as it is in heaven.

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